Over Fifty Car Insurance - An abundance of information in need of a slight aesthetic re-design.

www.overfiftycarinsurance.co.uk is a simple, informative website which aims to help the drivers over the age of 50 to achieve the lowest available rate for car insurance. This site is filled with an abundance of up to date, factual information and statistics which can help steer their clients to cheaper insurance.

The use of the graphical information on the main page from a noteworthy source was well used, although the graphic was a little large and difficult to see on one page without scrolling. The basic layout and deliverance of information is easy to access, something the website's apparent target market is likely to look for.

However, it is unclear at times whether they are just discussing the over 50's or actually directing their content towards them. At times it feels more of a study on the rate of insurance with this age group rather than providing useful instructions to the over 50's on how to lower their premiums. This is further confused due to the fact that the site does not present what it's aim is from the go.

When logging on to this page you do not know what you are getting, I initially thought it was a price comparison site and was surprised to find a link to a third party comparison site instead. The navigation of the website is a little confusing as well and it is unclear to me the strategy used in ordering articles and information, rather a bit of a mix which seemed confused.

I was also unsure why there was a 'useful info' section when it would seem that all of the information on the site was useful. Despite these flaws however I believe this is a good website which houses a great deal of useful information for the over 50's and would happily recommend it. However I do feel there are issues which need to be addressed in terms of making the website more interactive, enticing and less of a long page of weakly structured text.

Although the simple design is a good asset to this site I believe overfiftycarinsurance.co.uk could be modernised slightly and given a make-over which would present the reader with even more reason to trust the site as a valuable and reliable source of information.

John Bandey, Faver Designs 2008